File Control tab preferences

The following preferences are available on the File Control tab:

Temporary File Options

DVDit Pro bullet File Control tab preferences  Temporary Storage: DVDit Pro stores temporary files on your computer during several stages of DVD production. Normally DVDit Pro uses your Windows Temp folder, but you can select any folder on any local hard disk by clicking the Choose button.

DVDit Pro bullet File Control tab preferences  Delete the temporary files every time I exit the application: Normally when you exit, DVDit Pro deletes all the Temporary Storage files, including transcoded video and audio. To keep transcoded files for use in another application or DVDit Pro project, deselect this checkbox. We recommend that you keep this selected, as temporary files will quickly fill the available space on your hard drive.

Note: On a PC with multiple user accounts, files saved on the Desktop (or in folders located on the Desktop, such as the “My Documents” folder) by one user are hidden from all other users. If you want all users to be able to use DVDit Pro, choose a location that anyone can access.

File Handling

When you import files, DVDit Pro checks that they meet the DVD-Video requirements. If the files are DVD-compliant, they are not transcoded when you burn a disc (unless you want DVDit Pro to do this).

If one or more files is not DVD-compliant, DVDit Pro can display a message asking if you want to import the non-compliant files or not, or import all the files without displaying a message, or import only the compliant files. This section of the preferences controls this behavior:

DVDit Pro bullet File Control tab preferences  Import all and attempt to transcode non-compliant files at burn time: Select this option to make DVDit Pro import all files without displaying any messages.

DVDit Pro bullet File Control tab preferences  Don’t import non-compliant files: Select this option to make DVDit Pro import only DVD-compliant files.

DVDit Pro bullet File Control tab preferences  Always ask me what to do: Select this option to make DVDit Pro ask whether you want to import non-compliant files. This is the default behavior.

File Control tab preferences