General tab preferences

The following preferences are available on the General tab:

Project Defaults

DVDit Pro bullet General tab preferences  TV standard default: This sets the default TV standard for new projects, either NTSC or PAL/SECAM. You can override this setting in the New project window that appears when you create a project. See TV standards and DVD regions for more information and a list of the TV standards used in different countries and territories.

This setting does not take effect until you create a new project.

DVDit Pro bullet General tab preferences  Auto-open last project on startup: Selecting this checkbox causes DVDit Pro to open your most recently saved project when the application is started.

DVDit Pro bullet General tab preferences  Load sample media on new project and application startup: DVDit Pro comes with a selection of sample images and buttons. When this checkbox is selected, the sample files are imported into new projects automatically. If you don’t want the sample files, deselect this checkbox.

General Options

DVDit Pro bullet General tab preferences  Check for updates: Sonic periodically releases updates to its software. You can have DVDit Pro check for updates every time you launch it or never. (An Internet connection is required to check for updates.)

DVDit Pro bullet General tab preferences  Recent files list: This sets the number of recent projects that are displayed in the File > Recent Files submenu.

DVDit Pro bullet General tab preferences  Reset Warning Dialogs: Many warning dialogs in DVDit Pro include a checkbox that can be selected to keep them from reappearing in the future. Click this button to turn on all warning messages that were previously turned off.

General tab preferences