Quality tab preferences

The following preferences are available on the Quality tab:

Effort Control

This preference lets you choose the transcoding speed when transcoding non-DVD-compliant video, such as AVI files, to the DVD-Video format. This does not change the video transcoder bit-rate (which is set in the Project Settings); it simply lets you choose between faster transcoding time or a better-quality picture.

Drag the slider to select one of the three options:

DVDit Pro bullet Quality tab preferences  The default center setting is a good compromise between speed and video quality, and should be suitable for most video sources.

DVDit Pro bullet Quality tab preferences  If you prefer better-looking video and do not mind slower transcoding times, drag the slider to Best Quality. This may be a good choice for video that contains hard-to-encode sections, such as fast motion or ripples on water.

DVDit Pro bullet Quality tab preferences  If you want DVDit Pro to burn discs more quickly and you don’t mind sacrificing some video quality, drag the slider to Faster Transcoding. When the video source is relatively easy to transcode — for example, video of people talking — the difference in quality may not be noticeable.

Quality tab preferences