Manual button routing

To manually set the routing for individual menu buttons:

  • Double-click the menu’s icon in the Project window. The menu appears in the Preview window.

  • In the Preview window, click the button whose routing you want to define. The Attributes window displays the button’s attributes.

  • Click the Routing tab in the Attributes window. The tab shows the routing for the button you just selected. The center drop-down list contains the button’s number:

DVDit Pro routing attributes Manual button routing

The other drop-down lists show which buttons will become highlighted when a viewer presses the remote control’s navigation buttons. For example, if you selected button number 2 and the top drop-down list shows 1, it means that the selection will move from button 2 to button 1 when the viewer presses the remote control’s Up arrow key.

If no number is displayed in a drop-down list, it means nothing will happen (the selection will not change) if the viewer presses the associated navigation key:

DVDit Pro routing attributes 22 Manual button routing

In this example, the selection will not move if the viewer presses the remote control’s Left or Right arrow keys.

  • Choose the desired button routing in the Up, Down, Left, and Right drop-down lists.

After setting the button routing, you should simulate the project to see the effect. See Simulating disc playback for instructions.

Note: When you define the button routing manually, it is possible to “isolate” a button by having no routing links to or from it. If a button has no routing links to any other button on the menu, the viewer can only select it by pressing the correct button number on the remote control keypad.

Manual button routing