Resetting the button routing

If you have manually defined the routing for buttons on a menu, you can erase your manual routing and let DVDit Pro auto-route all the buttons.

To reset a menu’s auto-routing:

  • Double-click the menu’s icon in the Project window. The menu appears in the Preview window.

  • In the Preview window, click any button on the menu. The Attributes window displays the button’s attributes.

  • Click the Routing tab in the Attributes window.

  • Select or deselect the Wrap Routings option.

When Wrap Routings is selected, DVDit Pro defines the routing so that the selection wraps back to the start of a line or column of buttons when the viewer moves past the end of the line or column. For example, if a menu has three buttons arranged horizontally, as the viewer presses the remote control’s right arrow key, the selection will go from the leftmost button to the center, then to the rightmost button, then back to the leftmost button.

  • Click the Reset Routings button. DVDit Pro immediately re-defines the routing for all the menu buttons.

You should then simulate the project to see the effect. See Simulating disc playback for instructions.

Resetting the button routing