Choosing button subpictures

Buttons created from layered Photoshop files usually include a subpicture design in their “overlay” layer (see Creating buttons and menus in Adobe Photoshop for information on creating these buttons). The subpicture is displayed and changes color when the button is selected and activated on the finished disc. Buttons created from single-layer images or text blocks do not have a subpicture, so you must choose one for them.

To choose a button object’s subpicture:

  • Double-click the menu’s icon in the Project window. The menu appears in the Preview window.

  • Choose DVD Menus > View Selected Subpictures or View Activated Subpictures. The Preview window then displays any existing button subpicture images.

  • In the Preview window, click the button whose subpicture you want to change. The Attributes window displays the button’s attributes.

  • On the Attributes window’s General tab, choose an option from the Subpicture Style list:
  • None: No subpicture is displayed when the button is selected or activated. The viewer will have no way of knowing that the button exists. This is one way to create “Easter egg” buttons.

  • Fill Button Shape: Creates a subpicture that covers the visible portion of the button.

  • Outline Button Shape: Creates an outline subpicture around the visible portion of the button.

  • Fill Highlight Rectangle: Creates a rectangular subpicture that covers the entire button.

  • Outline Highlight Rectangle: Creates a rectangular outline subpicture around the entire button.

Choosing button subpictures