Setting menu button images

“Frame” buttons created using three-layer Photoshop files display a thumbnail image of the linked title, playlist, or menu. You can change the image on any frame button that links to a title, playlist, or chapter point. You can also change the image on buttons created by dragging video assets, titles, or playlists directly onto a menu background.

To change a button’s image:

  • Double-click the menu’s icon in the Project window. The menu appears in the Preview window.

  • In the Preview window, right-click on the button you want to change and choose Set Button Image from the shortcut menu. The Set Button Image dialog box appears.

  • Choose the frame or slide you want to appear on the button:
  • For buttons linked to movies, use the controls at the bottom of the dialog box to locate the frame you want. Drag the playhead, click the nudge buttons or press the right or left arrow keys, or enter a timecode.

  • For buttons linked to slideshows, click the image that you want.

  • For buttons linked to playlists, choose a title, chapter point, or slide from the Title list. If you chose a title or chapter point, locate the exact frame you want using the controls at the bottom of the dialog box.

  • Click the Set button to apply the change.

Setting menu button images