Setting the first play title, playlist, or menu

The first play (also known as an overture) is the title, playlist, or menu that begins playing automatically when the disc is inserted in a DVD player. In DVDit Pro projects, the first title or menu you create is automatically designated the first play, but you can change this to any other item in the project.

In the Project window, the first play item is indicated by a green triangle on its icon and by the words “(First Play)” in its label.

To set the first play:

  • In the Project window, locate the item that you want to be the first play.

  • Right-click on the item’s icon and choose Set as First Play from the shortcut menu. The green triangle appears on the icon and “(First Play)” is appended to its label.

If the first play item is a title or playlist, you also need to set its end action. This tells the DVD player what to do when the title/playlist finishes playing. See Setting title, playlist, and menu end actions.

Setting the first play title, playlist, or menu