Changing end actions

To change an item’s end action:

  • Click the item’s icon in the Project window. The Attributes window displays the item’s Attributes.

  • Click the second tab on the Attributes window. (This tab is named after the item; for example, if you selected a movie, the tab is named “Movie.”)

The tab displays the item’s End Action settings.

  • Choose the desired action from the End Action list.

The remaining settings depend on which End Action you chose:

  • If you link the End Action to a menu, you can force a specific button on that menu to be selected by choosing from the Set Highlight list. This setting will be overridden if the linked menu has a force activation attribute; see Forcing selection of a menu button.

  • If you link the End Action to a movie, you can force playback of a particular audio or subtitle track by selecting the track from the Set Audio Stream or Set Subtitle Stream list.

Changing end actions