Editing menu subpictures

In a finished DVD, every menu button has a subpicture image that changes color and opacity when the button is displayed normally, selected, and activated:

DVDit Pro subpicture normal Editing menu subpictures

DVDit Pro subpicture selecteda2 Editing menu subpictures

DVDit Pro subpicture activateda3 Editing menu subpictures

Normal (unselected) button

Button selected by viewer,
using the remote control’s navigation buttons

Button activated by viewer
pressing the remote control’s
Enter button.

This image appears briefly
before the linked material is displayed.

The color and opacity values for the normal, selected, and activated button states are stored in a subpicture color set. For example, the color set for the above buttons defines the normal, unselected state as 0% opacity (so the color does not matter), the selected state as 50% yellow, and the activated state as 50% cyan. All the buttons on a menu use the same color set, but different menus can use different color sets. Each project has three global color sets, and any menu can have its own custom color set.

Buttons created from single-layer images or video assets can use only one color for each selection state. Buttons and menus created from layered Photoshop files can have up to three colors for each state, depending on the number of colors used in the Photoshop file’s Overlay layer. See Creating buttons and menus in Adobe Photoshop for instructions on creating buttons and menus with subpictures.

This section includes:

DVDit Pro bullet Editing menu subpictures  Choosing a menu’s color set

DVDit Pro bullet Editing menu subpictures  Editing subpicture color sets

DVDit Pro bullet Editing menu subpictures  Setting the menu subpicture start point

Editing menu subpictures