Importing subtitle script files

A subtitle script is a text file containing the subtitle strings along with instructions controlling their formatting and placement. See Subtitle script files for details on creating valid subtitle script files.

To import a script file into a movie:

  • Click the movie’s icon in the Project window.

  • NTSC projects only: Check that the correct timecode format is displayed on the ruler in the Timecode window. If the timecode format is wrong, the imported subtitles will appear at the wrong time. See Changing the timecode format for more information.

  • Right-click on a subtitle track in the Timeline window and choose Import Subtitles from the shortcut menu. The Open File dialog box appears.

  • Select the script file and click the OK button.

DVDit Pro imports the file contents. If it finds errors in the strings, it lists them in the Import Subtitles dialog box. When DVDit Pro finishes importing the subtitles, you can save the error report by clicking the “save” icon at the top right corner of the error list.

  • Click the Close button when import finishes. The new subtitles appear in the subtitle track.

Importing subtitle script files