Adding chapter points manually

To add a chapter point to a movie:

  • Double-click the movie’s icon in the Project window.

  • In the Timeline window, do one of the following:
  • Drag the playhead to the location where you want to create the chapter point.

  • Enter the timecode where you want to add the chapter point in the box above the timecode ruler. The playhead moves to this timecode.

  • Press the Insert key. A new chapter point is added at the playhead location.

Alternatively, right-click anywhere on the timecode ruler and choose Add Chapter from the shortcut menu. A new chapter point is added at the point where you clicked the timecode ruler.

Note: If the movie has an MPEG video track, DVDit Pro places chapter points at the closest GOP boundary to the playhead location. This could be up to nine frames from the playhead in an NTSC project or six frames in a PAL project, depending on the GOP size.

Adding chapter points manually