Creating movies  

To create a movie:

  • Drag a video asset from the Palette window’s Media tab onto the “Drag media here to create title” icon in the Project window’s Titles group.

This creates a new movie icon in the Titles group. The first frame of the movie appears on the Preview window’s Title tab, and the video appears in the Timeline window’s Video track.

When you create a movie using a program stream, the audio appears in the first audio track (labeled A1) in the Timeline window automatically. If you use elementary streams, you must add the audio assets separately.

To add audio tracks to the movie:

  • Drag audio assets from the Palette window’s Media tab onto the empty audio tracks (labeled A1 through A8) in the Timeline window:

Note: Video and audio tracks can each contain only one asset.

To replace a video or audio track’s content:

  • Drag a different video or audio asset onto the track in the Timeline window. DVDit Pro asks if you are sure you want to replace the track contents; click the Yes button to continue.

If you drag a program stream onto the video track, DVDit Pro adds the audio to the next empty audio track. If there are no empty audio tracks, you must clear the contents of an audio track first.

To clear the contents of a video or audio track:

  • Right-click in the track and choose Delete from the shortcut menu.

Note: The movie still exists even if you delete the content from every track.

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Creating movies