Changing the timecode format

NTSC-format video uses either drop-frame (DF) or non-drop-frame (NDF) timecode, and in DVDit Pro you can set each movie to display the correct timecode format in the Timeline window. This is generally only useful when importing subtitle scripts, or when making precise edits near the end of a long movie (for example, if you need to add chapter points or subtitles at specific timecodes).

DVDit Pro cannot tell which type of timecode was used when the video was recorded. You must play the original videotape and observe the timecode counter at the one-minute mark. If the timecode changes from 00:00:59:29 to 00:01:00:00, the tape contains NDF timecode; if it jumps to 00:01:00:02, the tape contains DF timecode.

Professional decks display NDF timecode with colons as separators (for example, 00:01:23:14); they usually display DF timecode with semicolons (00;01;23;14). This is also how DVDit Pro displays timecode values.

To change a movie’s timecode format:

  • Click the movie’s icon in the Project window.

  • Choose Timeline > Timeline Options. The Timeline Options dialog box appears.

  • Choose the appropriate format from the Display timecode in list, then click the OK button. The timecode marks displayed in the Timeline window change to the new format.

You can change the default timecode format for new movies and new projects in the Edit preferences.

To change the default timecode format:

  • Choose File > Preferences. The Preferences dialog box appears.

  • Click the Edit tab.

  • Choose the desired format from the Default timecode display list.

  • Click the OK button.

Changing the timecode format