Using SAP audio in movies

Some TV programs are broadcast with a main audio track plus a secondary audio program (SAP) track. Some DVD+VR recorders let you record both tracks (the main track is downmixed to mono and recorded on the left channel and the SAP track is recorded on the right channel). When working with assets imported from DVD+VR discs that have both main and SAP audio, you must choose which channel you want. If you don’t choose one channel or the other, both channels will be heard at the same time.

To select the desired audio channel:

  • After creating a movie using an asset that has SAP audio, choose Timeline > Audio Options. The Audio Options dialog box appears.

  • Choose the channel you want in the Channel Options list for the audio track that contains the SAP audio:
  • Select Duplicate left channel to use the main audio.

  • Select Duplicate right channel to use the SAP audio.

  • Click the OK button.

To allow the viewer to listen to either channel on the DVD, you must put each channel into a different audio track.

To make both audio channels available to the viewer:

  • After creating the movie using an asset that has SAP audio, drag the same asset onto an empty audio track in the Timeline window.

  • When DVDit Pro tells you that you will replace the movie’s video, click the Yes button.

The audio appears in the track. The Timeline window should now have content in the video track and in two audio tracks.

  • Choose Timeline > Audio Options. The Audio Options dialog box appears.

  • Click the OK button.

Using SAP audio in movies