Offsets and trimming behavior

You can apply offsets before or after trimming a movie. The illustration below shows the effects of trimming a movie and offsetting its audio track; the same principle applies to subtitle tracks. The starting point of the movie is shown here as a vertical line. The Timeline window does not display the portion of each track that is to the left of the start point.

DVDit Pro trim examples2 Offsets and trimming behavior

  • No trim. No offset: The video and audio tracks start together and, in this example, they finish together.

  • Trimmed. No offset: The second set of bars shows the movie after the start has been trimmed. The lighter area to the left of the start point represents the trimmed audio and video.

  • Trimmed. Audio offset earlier: The audio track is given a negative offset. Even more of the audio is trimmed, and the audio ends before the video.

  • Trimmed. Audio offset later: The audio track is given a positive offset. A portion of the audio that had been trimmed is restored, and the audio track now appears to be longer than the video track, when viewed in the Timeline window. However, playback on the finished disc stops when the video ends, so the end of the audio is effectively trimmed from the movie.

Offsets and trimming behavior