Setting audio and subtitle languages

The DVD-Video format lets you indicate the language of each audio and subtitle track in a movie with a two-letter code. DVD players use the codes to indicate the track’s language to viewers. They also use the codes to select the viewer’s preferred language track automatically, if that language is available.

In DVDit Pro, the language codes are displayed at the start of each track in the Timeline window. By default, each track’s language code is set to “–”, meaning the language is not set. You can set track’s language code even if there is no content in the track.

To set or change an audio or subtitle track’s language:

  • Click the movie’s icon in the Project window.

  • In the Timeline window, click the track’s existing code or “–” to display the language list. The list is broken into alphabetical groups.

  • Choose the language.

Setting audio and subtitle languages