Adding soundtracks to slideshows

Slideshows can have a background audio track that plays while the slides are displayed. If a slideshow does not have a set duration (each slide is displayed until the viewer presses the Next button on the remote control), it cannot have an audio track. This is a limitation of the DVD format.

A slideshow’s background audio track can comprise up to 99 audio files that play in sequence. If you mix multi-channel audio files with other file types, DVDit Pro downmixes the multi-channel audio to stereo.

To add audio to a slideshow:

  • Double-click the slideshow’s icon in the Project window. The Edit Slideshow window appears.

  • Click the Options button. The Slideshow Options dialog box appears.

  • In the Audio section, click the Add button, then select the audio files.

The selected files are listed in the Audio section in the order they will be heard on the finished disc.

  • Edit the Audio settings as desired:
  • Select the Fade In checkbox to fade in the first audio file (not allowed if the file contains multi-channel Dolby Digital audio).

  • Select the Fade Out checkbox to fade out the last audio file (not allowed if the file contains multi-channel Dolby Digital audio). This is useful when the audio duration is longer than the slideshow duration.

  • Select the Loop Audio checkbox to loop the audio track. This is useful when the audio duration is shorter than the slideshow duration.

  • To reorder the sequence of audio files, click a file you want to move, then click the Move Up or Move Down buttons. You can move one file at a time.

  • To delete an audio file from the slideshow, select the file, then click the Remove button.

  • To make the slideshow and audio track the same duration, select the Fit slides to music checkbox in the Duration section. DVDit Pro adjusts the per-slide duration so that the slideshow duration matches the audio duration as closely as possible.

  • Click the OK button to close the Slideshow Options dialog box.

  • Click the OK button to close Edit Slideshow window.

Note: Like images, audio files added to a slideshow also appear on the Palette window’s Media tab.

See also Supported audio files.

Adding soundtracks to slideshows