Archiving slideshow images on the DVD

By default, DVDit Pro archives the original image files for every slideshow on the finished DVD. The image files are stored in a “Slides” folder in the ROM section of the disc.

If you use many high-resolution, uncompressed image files, these files could fill a significant amount of disc space. You can choose not to archive individual slideshow’s files to save space.

To prevent a slideshow’s image’s from being archived:

  • Click the slideshow’s icon in the Project window. The Attributes window displays the slideshow attributes.

  • Click the Slideshow tab in the Attributes window.

  • Deselect the Archive original pictures on disc checkbox.

See also Effect of ROM data and slideshows on the bit-rate calculation.

Note: An OpenDVD disc must include the slideshow files, so you cannot deselect the Archive original pictures on disc checkbox if the OpenDVD checkbox in the main window’s status bar is selected. See The OpenDVD setting for more information.

Archiving slideshow images on the DVD