Changing the transitions between slides

DVDit Pro provides several different kinds of transition effects, such as fades and wipes. Normally the same transition is used for all the slides in the slideshow, but you can choose to have random transitions between each slide.

By default, DVDit Pro applies transitions in every slideshow you create.

To change or remove a slideshow’s transition:

  • Double-click the slideshow’s icon in the Project window. The Edit Slideshow window appears.

  • Click the Options button. The Slideshow Options dialog box appears.

  • Click the Transitions tab, then change the settings as desired:
  • Transitions: To have no transitions between slides, deselect this checkbox.

  • Type: Select a transition category from this list. To have a different transition between each slide, choose the Random category.

  • Transition: Select the transition to use from this list. The Preview area shows an example of the selected transition.

  • Duration: Change the transition duration.

Note: If the Transition options are unavailable, it means the slides do not have a set duration (each slide is displayed indefinitely until the viewer presses the Next button on the remote control). To set the slide duration, click the Basic tab, then select the Slide Duration checkbox. After you do this, click the Transitions tab and choose the transition. See Changing the slideshow duration for more information.

  • Click the OK button to close the Slideshow Options dialog box.

  • Click the OK button to close Edit Slideshow window.

To change or remove the default transition effect, go to the Edit preferences. See Changing DVDit Pro’s preferences for details.

Changing the transitions between slides