Reordering slideshow images

The Edit Slideshow window has three different ways of displaying images:

DVDit Pro bullet Reordering slideshow images  As a filmstrip along the bottom edge of the preview area.

DVDit Pro bullet Reordering slideshow images  As a grid of thumbnails.

DVDit Pro bullet Reordering slideshow images  In columns showing the image file details.

You can reorder the images in different ways in the different views.

To reorder a slideshow’s images:

  • Double-click the slideshow’s icon in the Project window. The Edit Slideshow window appears.

  • Click the Filmstrip button to change the view if desired:
  • To reorder the slideshow by moving individual images, choose the Thumbnails option (or use the default Filmstrip setting).

  • To sort the images by filename or other criteria, choose the Details option.

  • Reorder the images:
  • In the Filmstrip and Thumbnails views, drag images to the location where you want them to go. A blinking line indicates where the dragged images will go when you release the mouse button.

  • In the Details view, hold down the Ctrl key as you click a column header. For example, to sort by filename, Ctrl+click the Name column header. Ctrl+click the column header again to sort in reverse order.

  • Click the OK button.

Reordering slideshow images