Adding ROM content to the DVD

The Project Settings dialog box lets you add a ROM (read-only-memory) section to your DVDs. The ROM section exists outside the DVD-Video section of the disc, and can contain any kind of data files, including images, documents, video clips, and applications. These files can be opened and used when the disc is inserted in a computer, but are not available to set-top players.

To add a ROM section to a project:

  • On your PC, create a folder. The folder name does not matter.

  • Within this folder, create the file and folder hierarchy as you want it to appear on the DVD. Don’t create any shortcuts unless they point to files within the main folder.

  • In DVDit Pro, choose File > Project Settings. The Project Settings dialog box appears.

  • On the General tab, select the Include ROM data files on the disc checkbox.

  • Click the Browse button, then select the folder that you created in step 1.

  • Select the Joliet support checkbox only if you want long file names to be displayed correctly on Windows 95 PCs. If you don’t need to support Windows 95, leave this checkbox deselected.

  • Click the OK button.

Note: You can link the DVD-Video content to the ROM data files using Sonic’s eDVD (

Adding ROM content to the DVD