Setting DVD region codes

The DVD Forum Committee divides the world into six DVD regions (1-6), and specifies one transnational region (8) for such applications as in-flight entertainment. Region 7 is currently undefined. Most commercially released movie DVDs contain one or more region codes. Every DVD player should play a region-coded DVD only if one of its codes matches a code embedded in the player.

By default, projects created in DVDit Pro are coded to allow playback in all regions. You can set a project’s region codes to allow playback in one or a few regions. See TV standards and DVD regions by country/territory for the region code for a particular country or territory.

To set the project’s region codes:

  • Choose File > Project Settings. The Project Settings dialog box appears.

  • Click the Protection tab.

  • Deselect the checkboxes for the regions where you do not want the disc to be playable. At least one region must be selected. To re-select all the checkboxes, click the Enable All button.

  • Click the OK button.

Setting DVD region codes