Starting a new project

When you launch DVDit Pro, it creates a new, untitled project automatically, using the default project settings. You can immediately begin importing assets and creating movies and menus. See Changing DVDit Pro’s preferences to change the default settings.

If you want to use other settings temporarily — for example, to create a PAL format project when your default TV standard is NTSC — you must create a new project after launching DVDit Pro.

To create a project using other settings:

  • Choose File > New. The New dialog box appears.

  • Select the appropriate options for your project:
  • Project name: Project names should be no more than 25 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers). This name will become the burned disc’s volume name (the name displayed when you view the disc in Windows Explorer).

  • TV standard: Choose the appropriate TV broadcast standard for the country/region where the DVD will be played.

See TV standards and DVD regions for more information. Once you have set the project’s TV standard, it cannot be changed.

  • Location: Either accept the default location or click the Browse button and choose a new location to save the project file.

We recommend that you store project and asset files in folders at the root level of the hard drive. For example:

C:\DVD Projects (for project files)

C:\DVD Video (for video and audio assets)

C:\DVD Images (for image assets)

C:\DVD Builds (for writing DVD volumes and disc images)

This makes it easier for you to manage your projects and asset files.

  • Click the OK button.

Starting a new project