The OpenDVD setting

An OpenDVD disc contains the DVD-Video content plus extra information that lets OpenDVD-compliant applications edit the disc just like a normal project. This feature allows multiple authors to collaborate on a single disc.

You can also create OpenDVD-compliant DVD volumes on a hard disc. See Writing DVD volumes for more information about DVD volumes.

You can edit OpenDVD discs and volumes created by DVDit Pro and other Sonic applications; see Editing an OpenDVD disc or DVD volume for instructions and limitations. Other Sonic applications may be able to edit OpenDVD discs created by DVDit Pro.

The OpenDVD setting is turned off by default. To create an editable disc or volume, you must turn this setting on.

To turn the OpenDVD setting on:

  • Select the OpenDVD checkbox in the status bar at the bottom of the main window:

The OpenDVD checkbox remains selected until you deselect it, or quit and relaunch DVDit Pro, or open another project that does not have this setting selected.

The OpenDVD setting