Burning discs

To burn a DVD:

  • If you have a project open in DVDit Pro, choose File > Save to save the project.

  • Insert a disc in the DVD recorder.

  • Choose Burn > Burn DVD. The Burn to DVD dialog box appears.

  • To burn the current project to disc, go to step 5. To burn a disc from a DVD volume or disc image file, choose from the Burn from list:
  • If you choose DVD Volume, the Browse for Folder dialog box appears. Select the DVD volume folder that you want to burn.

  • If you choose Disc Image File, the Select a DVD image file dialog box appears. Select the image (.iso) file you want to burn.

  • If necessary, change the disc recording options:
  • Device: Choose the correct DVD recorder, if you have more than one.

  • Copies: Enter the number of copies you want to burn (up to 99). DVDit Pro will prompt you to insert a new disc after it creates each copy.

  • Write Speed: By default, this is set to the fastest speed that the recorder and disc support. If you experience problems with discs burned at this speed, choose a lower speed.

  • Click the OK button. DVDit Pro then processes the video, image, and audio files in the project and burns the disc.

Burning discs