Editing an OpenDVD disc or DVD volume

After you burn a disc, you may want to add, edit, or remove material, organize the disc differently, change the menu design, or just burn more copies. You can do all of this with any OpenDVD disc or DVD volume created in DVDit Pro.

If you edit a rewritable (DVD+/-RW) disc, you can burn the edited project back onto the original disc. If you edit a recordable (DVD+/-R) disc, you must burn the edited project onto a new disc.

To edit an OpenDVD disc/volume:

  • If you are editing a disc, insert the disc in a DVD-ROM drive or DVD recorder (if a software player launches, close it before continuing).

If you want to edit a rewritable disc and then burn the edited project back onto the original disc, insert the disc into your DVD recorder. Do not remove the disc from the recorder until you have burned the edited project back onto it.

  • In DVDit Pro, choose File > Edit DVD. The Browse For Folder dialog box appears.

  • Select the disc you inserted, or select the DVD volume folder you want to edit, then click the OK button.

DVDit Pro’s windows become populated with the disc or volume’s contents and assets.

  • Edit the project as described in the rest of this document. When you have finished, choose Burn > Burn DVD.

The Write Disc dialog box appears. The options available depend on the kind of disc you are editing:

  • If you are editing a DVD+RW disc that was originally created in DVDit Pro, and the disc is in your DVD recorder, the Update current disc option should be selected.

The Create a hard disk backup first option should also be selected. This forces DVDit Pro to back up the original files from the disc to your PC’s hard drive in case anything goes wrong while DVDit Pro is updating the disc. We recommend that you leave this option selected.

  • If you are editing any other kind of disc, the Create new disc option is selected.

  • If the Create new disc option is selected, you can change the disc recording options:
  • Device: Choose the correct DVD recorder, if you have more than one.

  • Copies: Enter the number of copies you want to burn (up to 99). DVDit Pro will prompt you to insert a new disc after it creates each copy.

  • Write Speed: By default, this is set to the fastest speed that the recorder and disc support. If you experience problems with discs burned at this speed, choose a lower speed.

  • Click the OK button. DVDit Pro copies the disc contents to your PC, then either updates the existing disc or burns a new disc.

Editing an OpenDVD disc or DVD volume