Writing disc images

DVDit Pro can take all the information in a DVD project and write it to an ISO-standard file called a disc image. Disc images offer a convenient way to store completed projects. You can burn discs or write DLTs from disc images in DVDit Pro. Sonic’s RecordNow can also burn discs from disc images.

Dual-layer DVD+R and DVD-R discs are formatted differently. When creating a disc image from a dual-layer project, you must specify whether the image is intended for DVD+R or DVD-R media. You cannot burn a dual-layer disc in one format using an image file that was created for the other format.

To create a disc image from a project:

  • Chose File > Save to save the project.

  • Choose Burn > Write Disc Image. The Write Disc Image to File dialog box appears.

  • Select the disk drive or folder where you want to save the image file, then click the OK button.

Writing disc images