Writing DVD volumes

A DVD volume contains the same files that go on a DVD disc, but they are created in a folder on your PC’s hard disk instead of on a recordable disc.

It’s a good idea to create a DVD volume before you burn a disc; if there are any problems with the project, you can catch them without wasting discs. Some software DVD players (including Sonic CinePlayer) can play DVD volumes, giving you another way to test playback. You can burn discs or write DLTs from DVD volumes in DVDit Pro. Sonic’s RecordNow can also burn discs from DVD volumes.

To create a DVD volume from a project:

  • Chose File > Save to save the project.

  • Choose Burn > Write DVD Volume. The Browse for Folder dialog box appears.

  • Select the disk drive or folder where you want to save the DVD files, then click the OK button.

DVDit Pro then creates the DVD volume inside the selected disk/folder. The DVD volume folder has the same name as the project. This folder contains the DVD content.

Writing DVD volumes