Writing to DLT

You can write DLTs from the current project, or from a DVD volume, disc image file, or any folder of data files. Most replicators require DLTs for disc replication (although some now accept recordable DVDs). You have more control over the replication with DLT than with recordable DVD.

In addition to the data that will go on the disc, a DLT contains a disc descriptor protocol (DDP) report that contains information about the disc. You can save a copy of this report on your PC.

Before writing a DLT, make sure you fill out the mastering information in the Project Settings. See Adding mastering information for details.

To write a DLT:

  • Chose File > Save to save the project.

  • Insert a tape in the DLT drive.

  • Choose Burn > Write DLT. The Write DLT window appears.

  • To burn the current project to disc, go to step 5. To burn a disc from a DVD volume, disc image file, or folder, choose from the Burn from list:
  • If you choose DVD Volume or ROM Content, the Browse for Folder dialog box appears. Select the folder or that you want to burn.

  • If you choose Disc Image File, the Select a DVD image file dialog box appears. Select the image (.iso) file you want to burn.

  • To save a copy of the DDP report, leave the Save DDP Report to Hard Disk checkbox selected. Deselect this checkbox if you do not want a copy of the report.

  • Click the OK button to start writing.

Writing to DLT