DVD authoring workflow

Authoring a DVD with DVDit Pro involves the following basic steps (although you don’t have to perform the steps in this order):

  • Prepare the assets (video, audio, and images) that will go into the DVD presentation, using common video and graphics applications.

  • Start DVDit Pro and create a new project.

  • Import your assets into the project.

  • Use the imported assets to create titles (movies and slideshows) and menus.

  • Link the titles and menus together, using button links and end actions.

  • Test how the project will play back to make sure that everything works as desired.

  • Burn a DVD-Video disc or write a DLT from the project.

DVDit Pro makes it easy to create professional DVDs with complex menu navigation, chapter points, subtitles, and other special features such as playlists and DVD-ROM content.

Note: DVDit Pro often provides many different ways to perform a particular task. For example, you can add a chapter point to a movie by pressing the Insert key, choosing an option from the Timeline menu, using a right-click menu, or clicking a button. Generally, this User Guide shows only one or two ways to perform these tasks.

DVD authoring workflow