Timeline window

The Timeline window is where you add audio tracks, subtitles, and chapter points to movie titles:

DVDit Pro timeline window11 Timeline window

  • Zoom controls. Click to zoom the timeline in/out.

  • Add Chapter button. Click to add a new chapter point at the playhead location.

  • Delete Chapter button. Click to delete the selected chapter point (except Chapter 1).

  • Timecode indicator. This shows the timecode at the playhead location. Enter a timecode to move the playhead.

  • Playhead. Drag to scroll through the movie. The Preview window (Title tab) shows the frame at the playhead location.

  • Chapter point. Drag the yellow diamond or label to move the chapter point along the timecode ruler. Double-click to edit the label or move the chapter point to a specific timecode. Chapter 1 cannot be moved or deleted, but you can edit its label.

  • Change Timeline Options button. Click to choose whether to display drop-frame or non-drop-frame timecode on the timecode ruler (NTSC projects only). See Changing the timecode format.

  • Timecode ruler. Click on the ruler to move the playhead to the location where you clicked.

  • Video track. Drag video assets onto the track to replace the existing video.

  • Audio tracks. Drag audio assets onto a track to add/replace the audio in the track. Movies can have up to eight audio tracks.

  • Subtitle track. Movies can have up to 32 subtitle tracks. You can import subtitle script files or add subtitles manually. See Adding subtitle tracks to movies.

  • Individual subtitle in the subtitle track.

  • Lock button. Click to lock/unlock the track for editing.

  • Solo button. Click a track’s Solo button to hear/see it when previewing the movie.

Timeline window