DVD-compliant file requirements

When burning a disc, or writing to DVD volume, disc image, or DLT, DVDit Pro transcodes video and audio files to DVD-compliant formats if necessary. This section can help you to create DVD-compliant files in third-party applications. DVDit Pro does not re-encode DVD-compliant files (unless you force it to), which saves time when burning discs.

DVD-Video is based on the MPEG compression standards. The MPEG standards permit a wide range of image sizes, aspect ratios, bit-rates, video frame rates, and so on. DVD-Video uses a strictly limited subset of the MPEG standards, permitting only some image resolutions, frame rates, aspect ratios, and certain other parameters. The following sections describe the mandatory settings:

DVDit Pro bullet DVD compliant file requirements  MPEG-2 video

DVDit Pro bullet DVD compliant file requirements  MPEG-1 video

DVDit Pro bullet DVD compliant file requirements  PCM (uncompressed AIFF/WAVE) audio

DVDit Pro bullet DVD compliant file requirements  Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio

To fit a specific length of video onto a DVD, see Choosing bit-rates for video and audio.

Other settings depend on the kind of video that you are encoding. Check your encoder’s documentation for advice. The effect of some settings (such as field order) may not be noticeable until you view the finished disc on a TV.

DVD-compliant file requirements