MPEG-1 video

DVD-compliant MPEG-1 video must have these settings:


NTSC (525 lines at 59.94 Hz)

PAL (625 lines at 50 Hz)

Frame size (width x height)

352 x 240 pixels

352 x 288 pixels

Display frame rate

29.97 fps

25 fps

Group of pictures (GOP) size

18 frames maximum
15 frames recommended

15 frames maximum
12 frames recommended

GOP structure

Closed. IBP or IBBP

Output aspect ratio



(CBR or VBR)

1.15 Mbps minimum

1.856 Mbps maximum

VBV buffer size

224 KB (1,835,008 bits)

GOP Sequence header interval

1 per GOP

Filename extension

.m1p, .m1v, .mp1, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv, .mv1

MPEG-1 video