Importing files into DVDit Pro

To import files into a project:

  • Click one of the tabs at the top of the Palette window, based on the kind of assets you are importing:
  • Images: For large images and files created as described in Creating menus.

  • Media: For video and audio.

  • Buttons: For button images. Choose a button category from the drop-down list, depending on the kind of files you are importing:

· Button Images: For single-layer images. Files you import onto the Images tab also appear here automatically.

· Button Objects: For general buttons, including two-layer files created as described in Creating buttons and menus in Adobe Photoshop.

· Button Video: You don’t need to import files into this category. Video files you import onto the Media tab appear here automatically.

· Navigation Buttons: For buttons used to link menus, including two-layer Photoshop files.

  • Choose File > Import > Media, then locate and select the files. You can also drag files from Windows Explorer onto the Palette window.

Importing files into DVDit Pro