Supported audio files

DVDit Pro supports the following audio file formats:

File format

Filename extension



.aif, .aiff

Requires QuickTime 6 ( Uncompressed files only.

Dolby Digital


Multi-channel audio files are supported.

MPEG-1 Layer 2

.mp1, .mp2, .abs, .mpa


MPEG-1 Layer 3



WAVE audio



Windows Media Audio


Only WMA files that are not copy-protected are supported.

Note: For best results, use 48 kHz, 16-bit audio.

Files can contain a single stream of mono or stereo audio (except Dolby Digital audio, which must be stereo or multi-channel). When you burn a disc, DVDit Pro transcodes non-compliant audio to PCM or Dolby Digital, depending on the transcoder settings.

DVDit Pro does not need to transcode DVD-compliant audio, which reduces the time it takes to burn discs. See DVD-compliant file requirements for details.

Supported audio files