Recommended image sizes

Menu backgrounds

Recommended image sizes for menu backgrounds are:

For NTSC projects

For PAL projects

720 pixels wide x 540 high

768 pixels wide x 576 high

Images at these sizes fill the menu area without distortion or scaling artifacts. You can use other sizes; DVDit Pro has several options for scaling menu background images. See Scaling of non-4:3 images and video.

For the very best results, you can create images at the above sizes, then resize them in your graphics application to the NTSC or PAL screen resolution (720 x 480 for NTSC, 720 x 576 for PAL). Although the image appears distorted in the graphics application, it displays correctly in DVDit Pro and on the finished DVD.

Note: Most TVs do not display the entire image. The edges are cropped to hide distortion, and only about 90% of the image is visible. See “Safe area” guides for details.


Button images should be created at the size that you want them to be on the finished menu. You can resize buttons in DVDit Pro, but you get better results (and menu creation is quicker) if you make your buttons the right size.

Slideshow images

DVDit Pro supports images larger than 50 x 50 pixels. The image size and aspect ratio do not matter. However, if you create an OpenDVD disc containing slideshows, the original image files are archived on the disc; you can also choose to archive these images even if you don’t create an OpenDVD disc. These files can consume large amounts of disc space if you use many high-resolution or uncompressed images. We recommend using images no larger than 800 x 600 pixels, and using compressed file formats such as JPEG or PNG.

Recommended image sizes