Encoding the Sequence with Sorenson Squeeze

  • Select the sequence you prepared in the editing application.

  • Select File > Send To > Avid editing application product name> Encoding for DVDit Pro.

The Send To dialog box opens.

  • Click Set and then choose a destination folder where you want the exported files located.

  • Make sure Auto Launch Application is selected and set to the Squeeze application.

  • Make sure “Auto Load Exported File(s)” is selected.

  • Make sure “Export MetaSync Track(s) as” is set to XML.

  • Click OK.

Sorenson Squeeze automatically opens with the selected sequence loaded.

  • Select the DVD icon submenu and select the DVD_project type_Large option.

  • Default settings files appear in the Squeeze output pane.

  • Click Squeeze It to encode the files.

Squeeze creates an MPV and WAV file and places them in the same folder you designated in step 3.

  • Close the Sorenson Squeeze application. You can then add the files to your DVDit Pro project.

Encoding the Sequence with Sorenson Squeeze