Preparing a finished sequence

To prepare a finished sequence:

  • Select your finished sequence in the Avid editing application.

  • Select Clip > New Meta Track.

A new MetaSync track is added to the sequence.

  • Select File > Import.

  • Make sure Files of Type is set to MetaSync files, and then navigate to the folder where the DVD Producer .aeo file is located. For example, in the Avid Xpress Pro application, the file is located in:
  \Program Files\Avid\AvidXpress Pro\Avid AEOs\Avid DVD   Producer.aeo   

  • Select the DVD Producer aeo file.

  • The Chapter Button Reference Frame file and the Chapter Mark enhancement file appear in the bin.

  • Double-click the Chapter Mark enhancement file.

  • Edit the enhancement into the Timeline by doing the following:
  • Mark IN and OUT points in the timeline, mark an IN point in the enhancement in the Source monitor, and then either drag the enhancement to the Meta track or click an edit button (Splice or Overwrite).

The default (maximum) duration of a clip is 4 hours. Dragging a clip without IN or OUT points creates a 4-hour clip in the Timeline. This length allows an enhancement to be active for a long-form production.

  • Add Reference frames by scrubbing the timeline indicator to the desired frame.

  • Alt + double-click the Chapter Button Reference Frame enhancement clip in the bin.

A marker is added to the chapter span indicating it will use this frame as the Chapter button in DVDit Pro.

Preparing a finished sequence