Font commands

Using the font commands, you can set the typeface and some formatting for the entire script and for individual subtitles. If you import a script that does not contain font commands into DVDit Pro, the imported subtitles use the Text settings that you last specified in DVDit Pro’s Edit Subtitles window.

Each font command must be inserted on its own line before the subtitle strings to which it applies. The following font commands are supported:

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  $FontName = [name of a font face] sets the typeface.

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  $FontSize = [number] sets the text size in points.

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  $Bold = TRUE/FALSE turns bold on or off.

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  $Italic = TRUE/FALSE turns italic on or off.

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  $Underlined = TRUE/FALSE turns underlining on or off.

For example:

  $FontName = Arial  $FontSize = 16  $Bold = FALSE  $Italic = FALSE  $Underlined = FALSE  1  00:02:17:12  00:02:23:21  This text is 16-pt Arial  $Bold = TRUE  2  00:02:27:02  00:02:35:18  And this is 16-pt Arial, Bold  $Bold = FALSE  $FontSize = 20  3  00:03:12:14  00:03:22:10  Back to plain Arial, but 20-pt  .  .   

The following text formatting cannot be controlled in the subtitle script and must be set in DVDit Pro:

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  Text alignment

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  All caps on/off

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  Outline

DVDit Pro bullet Font commands  Text color

Font commands