Simulating disc playback

You can choose to start simulation either at the start of the presentation (the first play), or from the item currently displayed in the Preview window. Generally, you’ll want to test individual movies and menus while you are working on them, and test the entire project before you burn a disc.

Note: We strongly recommend saving the project (choose File > Save or press Ctrl+S) before you start simulation.

To preview a project:

  • If you want to preview a particular item, click that item’s icon in the Project window.

  • Do one of the following:
  • Choose Simulate > From First Play to have your project start just as it would in a DVD player.

  • Choose Simulate > From Current Position to have your project start from the item selected in the Project window.

The Simulation window appears and playback begins.

  • Use the simulation window’s controls to select and activate menu buttons, skip to chapter points, and so on. See Using the Simulation window controls for details. You can also activate menu buttons by clicking them with the mouse.

To stop previewing and return to editing the project:

  • Close the Simulation window.

Simulating disc playback