TV standards and DVD regions

Different countries use different standards for broadcast TV. The United States, Japan and a few other countries use the NTSC standard; the rest of the world uses PAL (or SECAM, which is very similar to PAL).

NTSC set-top DVD players usually cannot play PAL-format discs, whereas most PAL set-top players and all software players can play both formats. A DVD can contain either NTSC or PAL video, but not both. The DVD-Video format does not support SECAM, so DVD players in SECAM countries play PAL-format discs and transcode the signal to SECAM.

The first time you run DVDit Pro, it uses your Windows Location setting to decide whether you are in an NTSC or PAL/SECAM country. It then defaults to the appropriate standard when you create a new project. (You set the Windows location on the Regional Options tab in the Regional and Language Options control panel — see Windows’ Help for instructions.)

Please note that once you have created a project, you cannot change the project’s TV standard.

For a list of the TV standards used in different counties and territories, see TV standards and DVD regions by country/territory.

TV standards and DVD regions